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My sweet new iPhone case

Geoff Wood

After almost five years of dropping unsheathed iPhones, I finally decided to get a case for my phone. I spotted the sweet case above in a Skymall(1) magazine last month and decided it was both unique and fun (it's real leather!).

They had the case in multiple colors and had other versions made of real wood but I picked this one since it looks racey and it's almost time for the Greatest Spectacle in Racing: the Indianapolis 500. My favorite driver is Scott Dixon, who drives for team Target Chip Ganassi Racing (which races in the red and white, obviously).

By the way, the company that makes the case is Trexta.

(1) No, I did not buy it from Skymall - I don't know anyone who has ever done that. I saved the magazine (it's not stealing - it says right on the cover that it's yours to keep) and found somewhere online to buy it direct after my trip was over.

Dog in a clothes basket

Geoff Wood

When he was a puppy we'd put him in a clothes basket in the car to attempt to keep him in one place. Several years and 60 some pounds later it appears he's taken to the idea.