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SuperCars in Indy

Geoff Wood

It's a bit of disappointing that Indianapolis is hosting the Super Bowl this year and we no longer live there (simply owning a house doesn't count). As a loyal Vikings fan, born after their four Super Bowl appearances, my favorite Super Bowl to date was when the local Indianapolis Colts beat the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI. It was the closest that I got to ever getting on the Colts band wagon and it was a lot of fun to live in a city so excited about the game leading up to it. And, that game was in Miami.

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RIP Dan Wheldon

Geoff Wood

The professional sports world lost a good one today in IZOD IndyCar Driver Dan Wheldon. Dan died from unrecoverable injuries sustained in the worst crash I’ve seen since we started following IndyCar about seven years ago. In a race that was supposed to feature a dual for the championship between rivals Dario Franchitti and Will Power along with a second storyline of Wheldon with a unique chance to compete for a prize of $5M.

Hope and I met Dan briefly a few days before the 2009 Indianapolis 500. He was funny and charming. We watched him win the race Iowa Corn 250 the year before, on his 30th birthday and joked with him that we were there to celebrate Hope’s 30th, as well.

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My sweet new iPhone case

Geoff Wood

After almost five years of dropping unsheathed iPhones, I finally decided to get a case for my phone. I spotted the sweet case above in a Skymall(1) magazine last month and decided it was both unique and fun (it's real leather!).

They had the case in multiple colors and had other versions made of real wood but I picked this one since it looks racey and it's almost time for the Greatest Spectacle in Racing: the Indianapolis 500. My favorite driver is Scott Dixon, who drives for team Target Chip Ganassi Racing (which races in the red and white, obviously).

By the way, the company that makes the case is Trexta.

(1) No, I did not buy it from Skymall - I don't know anyone who has ever done that. I saved the magazine (it's not stealing - it says right on the cover that it's yours to keep) and found somewhere online to buy it direct after my trip was over.

Establishing a no meat goal

Geoff Wood

Photo by val'sphotos from Flickr.

Still working on eliminating meat from my day-to-day diet (I think we're up to 10 days of no meat as of today). It occurred to me recently that because I'm not taking on a philosophical transformation (such as "I'm a vegetarian"), I'm just trying to change things up and maybe get a little healthier, too, that in order to be really successful with this that I needed to establish a goal. This gives me something to focus on working towards rather than focusing on what I'm not having.

The easiest goal I could come up with is to set an end date, basically, "I will completely eliminate meat from my diet until [some day in the future]". But, what date should I pick? 

I remembered hearing something in the past about the number of days in a row that one needs to do something to psychologically establish it as a habit. I quick google search, informed me that, almost universally, people think it's a mere 21 days. That doesn't seem too bad - but doesn't seem like much of a challenge either. So I upped it to a round two months which makes the goal May 17th, 2010. That's good timing since it's only a week or two before the Indy 500 - where they serve things like this:

Eric & his turkey leg at the Indy 500

IZOD brands the IndyCar Series (part 2)

Geoff Wood

What excites me about the announcement is the branding that IZOD brings to IndyCar. IZOD is a brand that brings to mind words like “premium,” “high class,” and “quality.” With their investment in IndyCar, they also want it to extend to words like “youthful,” “speed,” and “sport.”

NASCAR is currently the largest racing brand anyway that you measure it (other than history). However, this hasn’t always been the case. NASCAR built that brand over the last few decades with great sponsorship and the idea that they are the “every man’s” racing league. They feature “stock” cars – lately Chevrolet Impalas, Dodge Chargers, Ford Fusions and Toyota Camrys - which (at least externally) look like those that you see driving through your neighborhood. They appeal to the blue collar market and play up their roots in the southern states. There is nothing wrong with this and it works well for NASCAR. It also leaves a wide niche that IndyCar should exploit.

That niche is people who want the ultimate in racing; people who like the fact that IndyCars are built to be speed machines, specifically, and not the “stock” car in your neighbor’s driveway. They want machines that drive 230 mph. They want quality, high class, premium racing. That is why IZOD is a great match for IndyCar.

This will turn off some IndyCar fans that would prefer that IndyCar appeal to the core NASCAR fan base. These will be the people calling into radio shows to complain about the cost of an IZOD shirt. However, I believe the potential to attract fans to a “premium” racing market is far greater than potential to convert the self-identified blue collar NASCAR fans.

I think the “premium” play is the best one for IndyCar in the long term and the sponsorship from IZOD helps establish that brand. They don’t need to be the biggest, they don’t need to be the most widespread, they simply need to be the best. It’s worked for Apple

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