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SuperCars in Indy

Geoff Wood

It's a bit of disappointing that Indianapolis is hosting the Super Bowl this year and we no longer live there (simply owning a house doesn't count). As a loyal Vikings fan, born after their four Super Bowl appearances, my favorite Super Bowl to date was when the local Indianapolis Colts beat the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI. It was the closest that I got to ever getting on the Colts band wagon and it was a lot of fun to live in a city so excited about the game leading up to it. And, that game was in Miami.

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Coach Paul Rhoads gets a website

Geoff Wood

You're hard pressed to find a Cyclone fan that isn't excited about the man behind the football program: Coach Paul Rhoads.

We're closing in on the final regular season games of year two of Rhoads' tenure leading the program and he's already notched signature roads wins at Nebraska and Texas as well as won a bowl game against a BCS conference opponent.

For all the stuff that Rhoads has accomplished in the last year he was woefully lacking one thing: a website. Coach is likely not much of an internet guy (he once referred to "Facepage" in a press conference) and, like most Iowans, is probably too humble to promote himself.

So we did it for him. My buddies Travis & Brent and I (okay most Travis at this point) created as an unofficial fan site for Coach. It features some of his YouTube stardom (ESPN talking heads refer to his postgame speeches in Lincoln and Austin as the reason why kids get into football) as well as some basic statistics and the ability to leave a note for coach.

Exciting times for Cyclone football

Geoff Wood

The Cyclones take the field to battle Kansas. Photo from Iowa State Football on Facebook.It's been a roller coaster of a football season for the Cyclones. Picked for dead last int he Big 12 (as usual) many thought there is no way that second year head coach Paul Rhoads could duplicate the surprising success he had in year one. Especially in light of the fact that many online services rated our schedule as the toughest in the nation.

However, here we are just into November and Rhoads has the Cyclones almost exactly duplicated last year's success since we're a mere one game away from bowl eligibility (with three to play) and have a program defining road win that no one expected (at Texas two weeks ago).

Where does that leave us? The rest of the schedule isn't going to be easy. Lucky for us, two of the three remaining games are at home but no-so-lucky is the fact they're against Nebraska and Missouri (two teams ranked well ahead of us nationally). We have a seemingly winnable road game at Colorado in between but as anyone knows who's followed us for a few years that inexplicable losses in Boulder happen more often than not.

Speaking of those three games - if you don't have tickets you may want to check out a new ticket broker at These good folks noticed that I tend to post about my Cyclones and liked the content. They asked to advertise here and I obliged(1). So, if you need tickets, check 'em out:

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 (1)That's a "disclosure" folks.

Sports reporter pet peeve

Geoff Wood

Tough blow for the Packers, I'm reporting RB Ryan Grant is done for the year w severe ankle and leg injuries. Will be placed on IR.Tue Sep 14 17:36:03 via ÜberTwitter


I'm over the sports reporter practice of starting each news story with "so and so is reporting...". You hear it all the time on sports radio and see it on ESPN. However, the tweet above is the first time I've ever seen a reporter credit himself in a tweet. Ridiculous.