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Geoff Wood

My good friends Travis and Brent have been working on a project for the last several months called Zanatic. Zanatic, a play on the word "fanatic", is a site in the spirit of Digg, Reddit, and Hacker News but dedicated directly the discussion of sports online. I joined them in a co-founder to role to assist in the long strategy of the business, which we named Authority Interactive, LLC.

We're all long time users of sports message board communities and think that Zanatic is a logical extension of that niche of internet users. We've previously worked together (along with another friend, Nick) to launch an internet property, Campus Authority, Inc, where we all had a lot of fun and we hope that Zanatic is much the same thing. A fun little side business to operate part-time in conjunction with our day-to-day responsibilities (in my case, VolunteerLocal and Silicon Prairie News).