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OK Go' the dogs.

Geoff Wood

My buddy Travis in Chicago posted this on Facebook this morning and all that I could think about it is which part of this my kid would be more mesmerized by, either the dogs(1) or the stacking of buckets at the beginning.

He loves our two labradors (almost too much, if you were to ask them) and pretty much any dog he sees but he also loves stacking the buckets that Uncle Heath gave him for his first birthday.

By the way, Crazy Uncle Joe really likes the buckets, too.

Crazy Uncle Joe shows off his ability to stack the baby's toys

(1) The little bitty dog at his daycare "Snicki" is now one of his most common things he says. It sounds like a cross between "Gigi" and "Tee-See" when he says it but it's pretty cute. It 100% better than most of the words I learned to say when I went to daycare 25+ years ago.

You could call them Aaron Burr by the way they're droppin' Hamiltons.

Geoff Wood

I mentioned my late night TV host preferences in the last post and failed to mention Jimmy Fallon. I've never watched one of his shows all the way through but some of the skits he pushes out to the internet are hilarious. Apparently he has a knack for reunion shows, as he's done a Saved by the Bell reunion, a California Dreams reunion, and now a reunion of Saturday Night Live (SNL) alumnus Chris Parnell and current SNL player Andy Samberg for their classic "Chronic-what?-cles of Narnia" rap - the first of many great SNL Digital Shorts (which are accompanied by many more not-so-great ones).


By the way, it's funny that Jimmy references this video and YouTube at the beginning of the skit. NBC goes out of their way to keep their material off of YouTube and back when the original SNL skit aired (December 2005) they weren't even putting clips up at their own site.

Remember the Muppets?

Geoff Wood

My personal Twitter stream erupted, yesterday, with references to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody(1) and The Muppets. The Muppets, of course, are known primarily for their broadcast television hits The Muppet Show and Sesame Street from a time before we all had cable and from Fraggle Rock (the HBO show that we would catch whenever we would be at that rare friends house who not only had cable but also pay-movie channels). That, and they also had some sweet movies in 1980s.

However, they've been largely irrelevant to me for the past couple of decades with two notable exceptions: the irreverent and hilarious musical Avenue Q and their appearance in the story-within-the-story(2) Dracula puppet musical in the underrated Jason Segel movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

After the fifth or sixth tweet on the subject, I followed a link to Kt McBratney's blog and was blessed by this new creation from The Muppet Studio:

I'm not sure why they put this together but it's a lot of fun, especially for those of us who remember the original Queen video.

In related news, the aforementioned Jason Segel (who can do no wrong in my eyes) is writing a new Muppet movie: The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made (due out in 2012).

(1)As middle school aged kids at the time of it's release, we didn't necessarily understand Wayne's World but we sure loved that movie and this song. (2)Or more appropriately, the musical-within-the-movie