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Calvin & Hobbes in the real world

Geoff Wood

​I was a big Calvin & Hobbes fan growing up. The humor works on multiple levels and what I loved back in the day and I what I appreciated looking back now are completely different. For one, these days I identify more with the Dad in a scene like the one above then Calvin. Also, thinking of my own kiddo - an only child who loves his stuffed animals - is easily identifiable with Calvin from time-to-time.

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old photos

Geoff Wood

We recently reached out to the photographer who shot our wedding six plus years ago to see if he still had our images on file. Luckily for us he did and he offered to send them to us for a pretty decent price. We took him up on it and we're glad we did because now we get to check out all the proofs that we'd forgotten he'd shot.

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Graham's 18 month photos

Geoff Wood

Like any good set of parents with their first born, Hope and I have been getting Graham's photos taken on a regular schedule. Usually, we hit up a very uncomfortable place at the mall where a bunch of high school-aged kids herd very little kids in and out of one or more open rooms with fake scenic back drops.

After my friend Ben had some awesome photos taken by this photographer, Anna Jones, locally in Des Moines we decided to give her a try for Graham's 18 month photos.

They turned out completely awesome and we couldn't be more enthused. Anna just posted a blog post with examples of her photos of Graham and we're excited to get the final ones back soon.

Check 'em out here: Little Graham Wood. Sweet (check). Funny (check). Adorable (check,check).

Hope and Graham on the front of

Geoff Wood

Drake University's magazine, Drake Blue, did a feature of my wife, Hope, and our son, Graham. They became aware of Hope after she published her ebook, Law School Mom, and they wrote about that, as well as, how the mentor/mentee program that Hope participates in through the law fraternity at Drake.

“We don’t succeed until we all succeed.”

Last year, Drake University law student Hope Wood learned many lessons about balancing parenting responsibilities with the rigor of earning a law degree.

Now in her second year at Drake Law School, Wood, mother of a 17-month-old son, Graham, is doing all she can to share her experiences with other parents studying at the law school and beyond.

Wood is the author of an e-book titled Law School Mom, a frequent blogger and mentor to first-year Drake Law School student Shawna Johnson, a Des Moines native with an office cleaning business, spouse and two young children.

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