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Friends O' Mine - Part 1

Geoff Wood

Indianapolis, while certainly a nice place, is a Big Ten town. I, however, am not a Big Ten guy. I’m a proud alumnus of Iowa State University, of the Big 12 Conference. Many of my college buddies are also Big 12 guys and live in Big 12 towns, such as Kansas City, Denver or Omaha. Many others live in cities that I consider shared by the two conferences, such as Chicago, Minneapolis, or Des Moines. Very few live in Indianapolis.

Since my alma mater is 7-8 hours away and my college buddies live in places that are decidedly not Indianapolis, it’s no surprise that I don’t get to see them very often.

However, the past two weeks have been different. It started on a Tuesday night when my good buddy Ryan Pieper was in town for work. Ryan’s a pledge brother who lives in Denver. Luckily, Tuesday is the one night each week that I don’t have class so we were able to grab a few drinks in a couple of my favorite Downtown Indy establishments. 

We talked about which of our buddies were where at this point in their lives and who each of us had seen in the last year or so. Ryan wondered why I was so in the loop and I told him the answer was simple: Facebook. He told me his wife was on Facebook but he had been resisting. I exalted the benefits and he promised to go for it. I dropped him at his hotel and headed home. I logged into Facebook the next morning and was happy to see a connection request from Ryan, which I gladly accepted – only to find out that he’d already connected with 40-some others in just a few short hours.

That weekend I met up with a few other college buddies in Chicago. The point of the trip was to reminisce with the old buddies: T-rav, Yezek, and Nick Walters. Reminisce we did, along with sharing a few drinks and subsequent cab rides. I had the opportunity to see some other Chicago-area college friends, like Kurt Johnson.

There was a downside to the weekend as, unfortunately, somebody stole the Obama magnet off my car (while in the garage of T-rav’s building). That’s something I figured might happen in the ramp up the election but not just before inauguration (and in Chicago to boot!).  Oh well, Brad Becker tells me that it’s time to ditch the campaign propaganda, anyway.

I’m not sure why I haven’t visited Chicago more often in 4+ years in Indy – it’s only a few hours away. 

New YouTube Favorites

Geoff Wood

I spent the weekend in Chicago with the old CampusAuthority boys - Nick, Travis, and Yezek. Since we're a bunch of internet-tech nerds, we filled a lot of the weekend showing each other recent YouTube favorites that I'd like to keep track of, so I'm posting them here.

"Facebook in Reality":

"Poke!" and "Status Update!"...good stuff.

And, also, the "Wassup! Guys" from the old Bud Light commercials, with an updated take on their message (the old commercial is first followed by the new one).

There were many others but it's probably in my best interest to not mention them here.

1/19/09 Update: Forgot this one:

"Max and Gabe's Internet Thing"