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Life is better when Magic Shows are a part of it


Life is better when Magic Shows are a part of it

Geoff Wood


Last weekend was Graham's fourth birthday party (organized completely by Hope). This is the first time where he's really had the chance to have his friends at the party as opposed to just family and friends of ours.

It was a lot of fun. We took over the school playground (without any sort of permission*), served fruit and kettle corn, and - best of all - had a flippin' magic show.

I don't know the last time I took in a magic show but this one was awesome. The kids were absolutely captivated even though they had to be reminded once or twice that we don't throw pebbles on the stage (pretty hard to resist). It turns out 3-5 years old is the perfect age for this. Awesome idea from my wife.

*at one point a vehicle labeled "Des Moines Public Schools Patrol" stopped in the parking and scowled at us for 5 or so minutes but we escaped unscathed.