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What's making Geoff happy this week - 4/23


What's making Geoff happy this week - 4/23

Geoff Wood

Each week I post the things are that are making me happy that week. This idea is completely stolen from the NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast (which makes me happy every week so ... give it a listen).

This Week's Top 3:

1. Zach Braff's Kickstarter Project

Zach Braff is crowdfunding a new movie project called "Wish I Was Here" on Kickstarter. Scrubs is my all-time favorite comedy series and I love the interaction between Zach (JD on the show) and Donald Faison (Turk). Wish I Was Here promises that Donald gets at least a cameo. Watch the fundraising video above then contribute.


2. Raygun's ill-fated Des Moines RAGBRAI Shirt

RAGBRAI (which is an acronym standing for the Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa) is stopping in Des Moines this year and the local host city organizers turned to everyone's favorite witty t-shirt shop to develop a t-shirt for the event. This is a smart move, as about 2/3rds of all locally produced RAGBRAI shirts are horrendous and Raygun (said favorite witty t-shirt shop) makes some awesome shirts. The design they chose is above on the left and the Des Moines Register, the 'R' in RAGBRAI, reported on the theme last week. Then the Des Moines Register realized the rules the Des Moines Register created for the Des Moines Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa don't allow local host communities to use the acronym RAGBRAI on things they sell commercially to fund ... well, RAGBRAI (read more at

While the meta-ness of this whole thing (RAGs on RAGs on RAGs) makes me happy in it's own right I'm more excited about whatever Raygun comes up with next. Getting told "you can't do this" tends to be a catalyst for the creativity of those guys whether it's from Iowa State, the Secret Service, or even the Des Moines Register (such as the images above).

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3. The Sorority Girl Email

Last week, Gawker published "The Most Deranged Sorority Girl Email You Will Ever Read" (warning: crude, inappropriate and hilarious language is used) which thusly began to make it's way 'round the internet. The gist is that a woman in leadership of a local chapter of her sorority is mad at her sisters for not participating in Greek Week at the level or in a manner that they should be and send them a scathing email to try and motivate them to do so. I'm not sure if it worked (no reports on how they faired in Greek Week) but it's so off-the-wall that it was further distributed to the point that Gawker saw it and ran with it. 

This is obviously a bad thing for those of us that value collegiate Greek experience (like me). It let's folks like Gawker cast stones between the language in the email and the ideals of the organization and it obviously is going to hurt that chapter in recruitment and probably fraternities and sororities as a whole - at least as long as the late night hosts continue to use it in their jokes.

Looking at it from the inside - as someone who has been in leadership in a fraternity and heavily involved on campus - I totally get where the girl was coming from. I've been so frustrated with the others in the organization that I've wanted to write and send that email [note: I never did - thank God]. It's because of that ability to empathize with her that it's making me happy to see that someone (again, not me) did it. I don't condone it and it doesn't work (for motivation) but I get it and I find it hilarious especially as done in this dramatic reading by Alison Haislip (Dang, it's like Alison wrote the email! So good).

Tweet of the Week:

Baratunde Thurston was in Ames last week to do a talk at Iowa State about his book, How To Be Black. I saw him to a #KEYNOTEATUNDE on this topic at SXSW a year or two ago and really enjoyed it. I didn't make it but really enjoyed the #VEISHEATUNDE hashtag making this my Tweet of the Week. Related: I need to figure out a universal yet transformable hashtag for my own name.

BONUS ITEM - Nick Offerman in a chicken suit.

Photo via Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on facebook.

Photo via Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on facebook.