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On what we do at Silicon Prairie News...

Geoff Wood

Ever talk to someone in San Francisco, New York, or Boston that seems to know absolutely everyone cool in town, doing every possible thing in the startup scene?

Someone so unbelievably effective and inspirational that their energy infects you by osmosis, and you just want to punch them in the face/hold them close and never let go out of unbridled emotional overload? Well, the wonderful people at Silicon Prairie News give me that feeling.

They are creating and supporting some of the long term connections and events (not to mention press exposure opportunities) that allow burgeoning startup hubs to survive and thrive in any economy. On one hand, cities like Boston and New York are mature startup hubs. And they’re nearby. But they don’t necessarily depend on each other – in the way that certain cities in the Silicon Prairie are beginning to – in terms of regional events, fundraising, cooperative planning and community building. The implications for the American economy as a whole are clear, given the potential these Midwestern startup scenes have to evolve simultaneously into a kind of “continuous Megalopolis” of interconnected growth.

- Nadeem Mazen of Nimblebot writing for