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Calvin & Hobbes in the real world


Calvin & Hobbes in the real world

Geoff Wood

I was a big Calvin & Hobbes fan growing up. The humor works on multiple levels and what I loved back in the day and I what I appreciated looking back now are completely different. For one, these days I identify more with the Dad in a scene like the one above then Calvin. Also, thinking of my own kiddo - an only child who loves his stuffed animals - is easily identifiable with Calvin from time-to-time.

A photographer has been taking real life photos of scenes from old Calvin & Hobbes strips and is integrating the characters together (see examples here). They're amazing. They're wonderful. And, they've piqued my interest in the comic strip once more.

Unfortunately, the owner of the copyright to Calvin & Hobbes feels like it's a violation and has asked him to take them down from his blog:

Here's the details on the takedown. I'm glad these exist in the world and I'm sorry the full set isn't publicly available anymore.