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On SPN - "Why Big Des Moines?"


On SPN - "Why Big Des Moines?"

Geoff Wood

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We started a new "behind-the-scenes" series on SPN this morning and I kicked it off with a look into our reasoning behind changing the name of our October event from Thinc Iowa to Big Des Moines.

You can read the full post here: Inside SPN: Why Big Des Moines?

In that post I shared a bit of a broader concept that I've been thinking about over the last year of so that factored into our decision.

From the post:

There's a school of thought that in modern American society cities are our reference points for urban places and that the states are references for rural communities. How often do you refer to Illinois when you're talking about something happening in Chicago? If you're connecting on a Delta flight, do you refer to it as flying into Georgia? Not likely. The cities are our reference point and what reflects positively on the them reflects positively on the whole state.

That's just the start of it and I want to write more on the idea. I think there's the potential to turn it into a white paper or something more long form but I think in the interim I'll start to flush out the concept here on the blog.

If you're interested in following along our joining the conversation - just track the Cities vs States tag.