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Movies of the Week - January 1


Movies of the Week - January 1

Geoff Wood

poster graphics courtesy the interwebz!

poster graphics courtesy the interwebz!

As I wrote the other day, I’ve decided to catalog all the movies that I watch in 2013 here on the blog. One hand I’m trying to appreciate the movies that I watch more and on the other I want to get back into personal blogging.

Monsters, Inc 3D - Jan 1 (theater)

Hope and I have a tradition of going to see a movie on Christmas Day (it was The Hobbit this year … but that was 2012) and this year we extended that tradition a bit by taking Graham to a movie on New Years Day. We chose Monsters, Inc in 3D.

I don’t get super excited about about animated movies, much less ones that I’ve seen before. However, this one was about me it was about Graham and he seemed to like it. He doesn’t quite have the attention span to sit still in a theater for a full feature (luckily we had the place to ourselves).

Random note - first modern movie I’ve seen in 3D that I can remember. I did not see (and still haven’t seen) Avatar. Prior movies I have seen in 3D include some SpongeBob thing at Kings Island and Michael Jackson’s Captain EO at Disney World.

Funny anecdote - Graham was complaining that he couldn’t see any kept taking off his glasses. I kept trying to get him to put them back on (we paid extra for 3D!) and finally I looked through them. Indeed they were completely covered in butter from the popcorn. I should listen to my kid more.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (DVD via Netflix)

I added this to the ol’ Netflix queue back in the day and it finally came due. Decent movie, Hope and I watched together. I actually fell asleep and had to rewatch the latter half the next day but that was just based on how tired I was not the movie. I’m not particularly a Woody Allen film but I did like this one. I AM a Scarlett Johansson fan (who isn’t?) The Barcelona setting was pretty neat and I enjoyed the story.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Game Change (other online)

This is a dramatization of the McCain-Palin campaign of ‘08 as written/told by one of McCain’s top advisers. As you can guess, it’s not complimentary of the former Alaska Governor. It’s obviously very one sided and for those of us not caught up in the Palin-mania of the day, it was a pretty darn enjoyable to watch. Great cast, too (Woody Harrelson, Julianne Moore - as Palin, Ed Harris - as McCain, and even fellow Cedar Rapids-native Ron Livingston).

Rating: 3 of 5