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The Year of Our Wood 2011


The Year of Our Wood 2011

Geoff Wood

Dear Family and Friends,

Welcome back to our annual holiday letter, The Year of Our Wood 2011!

Sure most people do their holiday letters for Christmas but we’ve never been conventional, typically opting for New Years. However, this year time got away from us and next thing you know it’s February. So, in that spirit - Happy Valentines Day!

Last year our holiday letter was filled with catching you up on two of the busiest years in our lives. A new baby, new jobs, law school, and a new house and more made that letter cover a lot of ground. 2011, by comparison, was a pretty slow year (and we like it that way).

That new baby is, of course, Graham who is now more than 2 and half years old. Graham loves dinosaurs, trains and animals of all types. He loves his extended family and is often asking if we can go see one of his aunts or uncles or grandparents or cousins. He’s starting to speak in sentences, can pretty much count to 20, and, through working with Mom, has learned to sign more words than Dad can understand.

Hope is now in her last semester of law school at Drake University, will graduate in May and then take the Bar Exam this summer. She interned this past year at Meredith Corporation and has worked as a research assistant on campus. She passed the MPRE (the first part of the Bar) and was credited for her contributions to the Criminal Law Practice Guide for Iowa.

Geoff continues as the COO of Silicon Prairie News and really enjoyed helping that team launch the inaugural Thinc Iowa event in October. He also created a stackable furniture company as a fun side project called Eggcrates last summer, it’s available at

As a family, we still enjoy watching the Iowa State Cyclones play football and basketball and are glad that living in Des Moines allows us to get to Ames frequently. Living in Des Moines also continues to give us great access to our families which has been great after living 8 or 10 hours away for so many years. Outside of that, you can pretty much find us at home.

2012 should prove to be a more exciting year, so stay tuned. Law school graduation (less than 100 days!) and the start of pre-school are just two of the things we’re looking towards.


Hope, Geoff and Graham Wood