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Happy Independence Day!

Geoff Wood

ScottyHendo gets it. He was once a Hoosier, too.

Yes, the holiday is Independence Day not "the 4th of July"; that's simply the date. Just a guess but it may be an unexpected consequence of the popularization of Cinco de Mayo in this country.

Oh, and while we're at it, let's remember that CST stands for Central Standard Time. During this part of the year, we're saving daylight, thus it's Central Daylight Time. Feel free to abbreviate as CDT. Hoosiers (or "one time Hoosiers" in my case) who lived through the "cows won't know when to milk" years when Indiana didn't observe daylight savings know why the distinction is important. Arizonians and Hawaiians probably get it, too

Sorry for the rants on a holiday weekend, folks. Have a great Independence Day! It's the last work holiday for awhile. It can get weary waiting for September 5th - which is my favorite holiday. Whoops.