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old photos

Geoff Wood

We recently reached out to the photographer who shot our wedding six plus years ago to see if he still had our images on file. Luckily for us he did and he offered to send them to us for a pretty decent price. We took him up on it and we're glad we did because now we get to check out all the proofs that we'd forgotten he'd shot.

In a related development, we got an email from the photographer that shot Graham's newborn pictures that we could buy a disc of them for a decent price as well. This is particularly awesome, as we liked many of these photos but bought relatively few since the prints were so expensive. 

With any new photos we get taken, like Graham's two year pictures, we always pay for the digital rights since we plan to use them on the web and on Facebook and whatnot. It's great that we now have nearly 400 memories to relive. Next up, see if our engagement photos still exist on a hard drive somewhere.