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Charity: Water founder Scott Harrison's presentation from Big Omaha

Geoff Wood

The video above is the talk that Scott Harrison gave at Big Omaha in May that inspired me to give up my birthday to help provide clean water to the Central African Republic. It's about ~45 minutes long but well worth the time. Hopefully, it inspires you to donate and you can start with my campaign:

Perhaps it will even inspire you to give up your own birthday or do something else to help meet the needs of those 1 billion people.

Here's what I wrote on this blog about Scott's presentation at the time:

Scott Harrison took the stage just before lunch and I'm not sure that anyone in the room will ever again be the same. I've never felt that way about a presentation that I've seen anywhere at anytime before and I'm so appreciative that I had the opportunity. Scott is the force behind the organization "charity: water" which works to bring clean drinking water to people in places like Africa, India, and South America, who have never before had access to it. I'd heard of charity: water years ago but hadn't paid much attention to it - never again. I'm struggling to explain it here but I encourage you to check our their website, read Scott's story, watch the videos, and see the images. After that, you should probably donate.

For more info, see the original post about Scott's presentation at Silicon Prairie News.