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OK Go' the dogs.

Geoff Wood

My buddy Travis in Chicago posted this on Facebook this morning and all that I could think about it is which part of this my kid would be more mesmerized by, either the dogs(1) or the stacking of buckets at the beginning.

He loves our two labradors (almost too much, if you were to ask them) and pretty much any dog he sees but he also loves stacking the buckets that Uncle Heath gave him for his first birthday.

By the way, Crazy Uncle Joe really likes the buckets, too.

Crazy Uncle Joe shows off his ability to stack the baby's toys

(1) The little bitty dog at his daycare "Snicki" is now one of his most common things he says. It sounds like a cross between "Gigi" and "Tee-See" when he says it but it's pretty cute. It 100% better than most of the words I learned to say when I went to daycare 25+ years ago.