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Visualization comes to Foursquare

Geoff Wood

Heatmap of my Foursquare check ins in Des Moines

I've been a big fan of Fourquare, the smart-phone location based social network and game, since before I was even able to use it.

This week it got even more interesting as two third-party visualization tools based on the Foursquare API hit my radar. The first is WeePlaces, which is a visualization over time of Foursqaure check ins. They animate movement around town (or the globe, depending on where you've been) with a line from check in to check in. They also show frequency, with multiple checks in resulting in bigger circles. Click here to check it out live with my data. Thanks to @CatchfireMedia who pointed this out.

The second visualization is by Where Do You Go? and it was pointed out by Andrew Mager today (see image at top of post). It shows a heat map of the places in Des Moines where I've checked in. It's pretty neat; the hottest spots being downtown (Court Avenue District and Western Gateway, mainly), Windsor Heights, and the Drake Univ area. Runners up include Merle Hay (which is all Old Chicago check ins), Beaverdale and the Westown Parkway/University area in West Des Moines.

In other Foursquare news, they announced the online store to buy t-shirts and other swag on Monday. Bonus, that it was built by Sigler, a company right up the road in Ames, who did the technology and will continue to process orders and do fulfillment. Awesome work guys!