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Announcing "Wood 2 Your Moms - Lite" my new Posterous blog

Geoff Wood

I've wanted to play around with Posterous for awhile now and was recently inspired to do something about it. My new site, Wood 2 Your Moms - Lite, will be a (hopefully) daily picture-blog where I take an image with my iPhone and post it via Posterous sweet email-to-post functionality. 

Here's my intro post for the new blog:

Hi, I'm Geoff.

I was recently inspired to try out Posterous but was looking for a way to utilize it differently than I do my SquareSpace blog: Wood 2 Your Moms.

After checking out Paul Adam's blog Think Outside In and his Posterous site Think Outside In - Lite, I decided to mimic his style and use this site as a bit of a Wood 2 Your Moms - Lite.

My plan is to post a photo here each day using Posterous' sweet e-mail-to-post functionality. We just bought a new Lumix to take better pics of adorable one year old but since it doesn't have integrated wifi I'll be posting via iPhone. 

So look forward to a bunch of over-sized and poorly lit images documenting the life of a 30-something entrepreneur in Des Moines, Iowa: The Greatest City in the World.

Will it be interesting? Who knows? I'm thinking of it as a more public and controllable place for images that I'd upload to my wall on Facebook, in that sense it's also a bit of a daily journal, so let's give it a shot and see.

Don't worry though, more interesting and better images taken with the aforementioned new Lumix will still be posted here at Wood 2 Your Moms proper.