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And, I thought the Saints were dirty...

Geoff Wood

Image from NYTimes.comAfter the Vikings lost the NFC championship to New Orleans Saints, I wrote the following in a blog post

However, the Vikes looked pretty darn good. I’m a homer but it certainly felt like the Vikings outplayed the Saints – only they kept turning the ball over which was ultimately the deciding factor. In fact, they turned it over 5 times! And the Saints gameplan was obviously to take Favre out (which they almost did) which was legal but felt dirty. The Saints racked up 3 unsportsmanlike penalties and a few others that looked like they should have been called.

Since that time, we've learned that in addition to the three unsportsmanlike penalties that were called, the NFL admits to making a mistake by not calling another on a hit that injured Brett Favre.

Last week Favre posted on his personal website that he had a surgical procedure to repair damage to his ankle that was caused in that hit.

That announcement prompted Darren Sharper, the Saints star safety, to tweet the following:

Well y'all seen Brett had surgery on that ankle we got after in the championship game. Come Thursday night 1st game. X marks the spot.Sat May 22 03:41:41 via mobile web


The Vikings have a rematch against the Saints in Week 1 and apparently Sharper, if not the rest of the Saints, have decided to that injuring Favre is again the game plan. Keep it classy, Darren.

I'm sure people will say its a joke since Darren himself was a teammate of Favre's for years in Green Bay, and that certainly may be the case. Whether its a joke or not, the fact that less than two seasons ago Sharper was a Viking makes this some powerful material for the bulletin boards around Winter Park this summer.