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Made it!

Geoff Wood

My cheese pizza from Zio's in Omaha last weekend

It has officially been two months since I last ate meat which means that I accomplished the goal I set out upon on Saint Patrick's Day. I've decided not continue on as a "vegetarian", per se, but I will continue to minimize meat within my diet.

Here's some things that I experienced and/or discovered throughout the past two months:

  1. I love cheese pizza. I was always a meat-lovers or supreme/deluxe deep dish type of guy but this experiment forced me to try cheese pizza and it's awesome. This will definitely continue.

  2. I had some of the tastiest meals ever. I particularly enjoyed Fado in Washington, DC. As a counter point, most restaurants have a very limited no-meat menu.

  3. It seems that most vegetarian meals use cheese to compensate for the lack of meat. I didn't keep track but I'm pretty sure that I didn't lose any weight through the process.

  4. I miss barbecue and grilling. This probably wasn't the best time of the year to try this since people were grilling left and right.

  5. I haven't been to a fast food restaurant throughout this time. Sorry chicken nuggets, McDonald's has no veggie options.

  6. Spaghetti sauce without sausage isn't as tasty.

  7. The only place I was really caught without a veggie choice was an airplane; I removed the turkey and just ate bread & mayo.