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Iowish t-shirts

Geoff Wood

Last year I made my first purchase from what was then SMASH when I picked up the "Kiss me I'm Iowish" t-shirt for my wife for our anniversary on March 12. I thought it was a fun gift since we were married in Ireland and all. The only problem was that she was too pregnant at the time to wear it (she did wear it home from the hospital after the baby was born in June).

I was excited to see that SMASH, now called Raygun, is selling the same shirts this year. However, they aren't the only ones. I was horrified tonight when I stopped into HyVee and saw this monstrosity:

Now, it's not so much that it's ugly (which is certainly is) or that it's Hawkeye (which actually makes me chuckle) but I was most disappointed in the fact that they blatantly copied the idea from SMASH/Raygun.

Or did they? I googled "Kiss me I'm Iowish" and found this lady in Southeast Iowa who claims to have invented (and trademarked) both the word "Iowish" and the phrase in question. Uh oh.