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SxSW Interactive 2010

Geoff Wood

In about an hour I'm headed out to Omaha to meetup with the other gents from Silicon Prairie News. We fly out from Eppley first thing in the morning en route to Austin, Texas for South by Southwest Interactive 2010 (SxSW).

I'm very excited to get the opportunity to participate in this year's event and plan on blogging as I get the chance down there. The Silicon Prairie News crew has a lot of stuff in the works so it should be a good time. I'm particularly excited for the Silicon Prairie Party (hosted by Big Omaha) that should be a great forum to network with other Midwesterners as well as show off some of the great things we have here to people from all over the world.

SxSW is sometimes called "Spring Break for Nerds" and it's fitting that this trip to Texas is almost 10 years to the day from my last Spring Break (also to Texas - South Padre Island). There's a history of new technologies debuting a SxSW, such as Twitter in 2007 and Foursquare in 2009. We don't know what the 2010 event will bring but one technology, Uppward, built by four of Des Moines technologists, launched today!