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My cousin Justin featured in The Buffalo News

Geoff Wood

My cousin Justin and his family recently moved to the Niagara Falls-area in New York. He's a Presybertian pastor, serving a church up there, and was the subject of a profile in a Buffalo paper. He doesn't mention in the article but he's one of three ministers in that branch of my family. We're quite ecumenical, my mom is a United Methodist pastor, Justin is a Presbyterian pastor and my mom's cousin, Tracy, is an Anglican priest.

Young pastor followed path from law school to Falls

By Louise Continelli

TOWN of NIAGARA — Justin Lee Marple once planned to go to law school, then work as an attorney.

“People had always said I could do anything I wanted to do,” recently recalled the former history major, “but when I started asking, ‘What is it that God wants me to do?’ is when I was put on the trajectory that’s brought me here.

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