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Planning a Washington, DC trip

Geoff Wood

We’re thinking about making the annual trek to Washington, DC next month. Our five year anniversary falls right about the same time as my wife’s first Law School spring break. Since a trip to Ireland (where we were married) isn’t in the cards this year, we might as well head to Washington (where we were engaged).

It’s about time that we get to Washington; from 2004-2008 we went at least once a year and several times twice. We love the city and have so many friends and family in the area that we always have a great time. 2009 proved to be too busy of a year (we had a baby, I finished grad school, my wife started law school, we moved 500 miles west, etc) to make the trip and March seems like a good time to rectify that for 2010.

This trip will be our first chance to introduce Graham to one of our favorite cities and it’s fitting that this will probably become a “Tour de Baby”. Our hope is to get a chance to meet Esaia in person. Esaia is the son of my cousin David and his wife Katrina, who was born a few weeks after Graham. We also hope to meet Alexander, the son of our friends Nick and Kate who greeted the world at almost exactly the same time. Finally, we hope to get the chance to see Bri and Dave as well as Bronk and Jess, two sets of our DC-area friends who are currently expecting.

Dinner with Dave & Katrina on one of our 2008 DC trips. Neither of us knew it but both Hope and Katrina were pregnant in this pic.

In addition to the baby tour, we’ll hit up another Smithsonian Museum (we pick a different one every trip) and, as always, we’ll make sure and book as much time as possible with our stalwart DC hosts and good friends Matt and Jane. Also, the three of us will get our first chance to visit my grandfather's grave at Arlington National Cemetery. I made a solo trip in December 2008 for his burial but I'm looking forward to making the visit as a family.