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Moving from consuming audio to creating it

Geoff Wood

I've been a consumer of podcasts for several years. It started as far back as 2002 when I would download the Bob & Tom Show directly from their website(1) for something fun to listen to at work. I took a bit of hiatus from it for awhile and then picked it up in earnest about 24 months ago.

I now listen to a multitude of podcasts - from comedy, to educational, to sports - because it helps me feel like I'm not wasting any part of my day. I listen in coffee shops, I listen while washing dishes and I listen while in the car.

Last week, I made the jump from simply consuming this audio content to creating it. I teamed up with experienced podcaster Andy Brudtkuhl in Des Moines to create PrairieCast, a weekly discussion of and with entrepreneurs and innovators in Des Moines and on the Silicon Prairie.

We've recorded one episode and are set to record our second one this week. You can find PrairieCast at the link above or subscribe to it through iTunes. Additionally, Andy has a long standing podcast called "Managing the Edge" and he had me on as his guest last Friday. Check out that episode here.

(1)I don't think it was even called podcasting, yet.