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Hope wrote an ebook - Law School Mom

Geoff Wood

I'm a few weeks late with this post but I wanted to make sure everyone know's about Hope's recent project: Law School Mom.

Much like myself, Hope had a "bucket list"-like goal to one day write a book. She realized at some point in the last year that chronicling her journey through law school as the mother of a young son might be a good topic. I suggested the idea of an ebook, since it's something we could publish ourselves and distribute easily. She wrote the book over the summer, had a friend copy edit it, then handed it off to me to format and create the website:

It draws on Hope's experiences but is written to offer advice to other moms considering law school or already on their way. 

It's obviously focused on a very specific niche (law school moms) but we knew the niche existed since we've met several in the last year. Also, Drake's already asked Hope is they can refer prospective law school mom's to her in general and now she has something more tangible to give them.

Check it out for yourself!