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People still listen to radio (and read the newspaper)

Geoff Wood

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to join some other Des Moines entrepreneurs as guests on a local talk radio show. I wasn't sure what to expect since it was mid-morning on a holiday (New Year's Day) and I wasn't even able to be in studio, we were at my in-laws for a late family Christmas celebration so I had to call in from a rural part of Iowa on an AT&T cell phone.

However, it was a great experience. I think it was the Jan Mickelson show, but Mr. Mickelson was on vacation and the show had a guest host sitting in. The topic was entrepreneurship in Des Moines in 2010 and I was invited by Alexander Grgurich of Foundry Coworking, along with Ben Milne of Dwolla, Joey Hinke of JA Hinke & Co, and a few others.

It was a fun experience and it's already lead to an opportunity, as I was already contacted be a local church men's group interested in bringing in someone to talk about the same topic. Several friends and acquaintances have reached out to tell me that they heard me on the radio proving that it's still an effective medium for telling your story.

Personally, in the age of TiVo, I prefer to listen to podcasts where I can stop and start the programming as I move about my day and don't miss anything. I also like to listen to them on my schedule, rather than the traditional model of tuning in at a certain time.

Continuing on the theme of mainstream media, I've had a ton of folks tell me they saw the profile in Juice last week. Interestingly, many of these folks are barely in the upper bounds of Juice's demographic (25-34) or already beyond it. Many of them pointed out that "they rarely look at Juice" which makes me think that either 1) the cover story on the Top 100 area restaurants was a great attention grabber or 2) my friends have a compulsion for looking at party pictures that they're afraid to admit. Either way, it was a great opportunity and I'm very glad that Brianne and her colleagues wanted to do it.