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Foursquare in the Des Moines Register

Geoff Wood

Several weeks ago I was contacted through this blog by Jeff Eckhoff, a reporter with the Des Moines Register, wanting to know if I'd be up for being interviewed about Foursquare and how it's being used in Des Moines.

I'm a fan of Foursquare and very excited to see where it goes in the future so I was happy to talk to Jeff. It had been awhile since our phone call so I had forgotten a bit about the story until I saw this tweet from Debra Sanborn this morning in my Twitter feed:

You can read the Jeff's article here.

He did quote me, which is fun, but didn't include the main part of the message that I was trying to get across. His question was something along the lines of "why should Des Moines businesses care about Twitter?". My answer was that businesses need to get involved in Foursquare now because, like other social media, the original intent of the platform is never how it eventually resonates with the public. Twitter started as a means of sharing status updates and Facebook as way for Harvard students to hook up - however the monetization and business use cases of each came later when they expanded to a broader audience how determined how they wanted to use the platform.

Foursquare was built by some young guys in NYC who wanted a game and the ability to find their friends when they were in the bar. Des Moines businesses need to care about it because they have the chance to get in early and help shape how it's used over the long term.