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Des Moines, Iowa


Eight things we're looking forward to in moving back to Iowa

Geoff Wood

As we were packing up last week and getting ready for one last, great trip across the I-States(1) we started brainstorming a list of things we're looking forward to in Tall Corn State:

  1. Cheaper mid-grade gasoline (cheers to ethanol subsidies)
  2. Grocery shopping at HyVee (Marsh and Kroger don't provide friendly smiles in every aisle)
  3. Evening news at 10:00 PM (it is as it should be - 11:00 news always felt wrong)
  4. Correct placement of the Mississippi River (this one is me more than Hope, but I'll always orientate myself off the Ol' Mississipp' or the coasts...having the big river west of me confuses me all sorts of directions)
  5. Acknowledgement of the Big XII Conference
  6. Sidewalks and curbed streets (urban centers grew slower in Iowa and thus the sprawl is prettier, more controlled, and pedestrian accessible).
  7. Proximity to RAGBRAI (we loved RAGBRAI last year but it's tough to drive 8 hours, ride a bike 500 miles, drive 8 more hours and call it your vacation)
  8. License plates (in this state they're on the front of the car and the we have the ability to get Cyclone plates, I wonder if Hope's old one is still available?)
(1)Sorry, Idaho, you're always left out of our trips.