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Des Moines, Iowa


The Summer of Change, Part 3: Des Moines: Hell Yes!

Geoff Wood

So, as mentioned in the last post, Hope has been accepted into this fall’s class at Drake University’s Law School and that means we’re headed to Des Moines in just a few days.

Despite my aforementioned affection for Omaha, things are happening in Des Moines, too. I’ve kept an eye on the social media community from afar and I like what I’m seeing. I’ve also kept up with the local business news for some time and I’ve read about some good things. I’m not sure the entrepreneurial community is as organized as Omaha but I’m happy to jump in and find out.

The biggest singular reason for choosing Des Moines is that it’s home: my brother & sister-in-law, sister, Aunt, Uncle, and several cousins are all in the area and Hope’s family is much closer in Eastern Iowa. It will be great for Graham to have family around as he grows up (and great for us to have help in caring for him). We have lots of friends in town and many of them have young children. We’ll be a mere 30 minutes from Ames which means we’ll actually get to use those football tickets we bought for the fall and probably make a basketball game or two.

As the t-shirt says: Des Moines: Hell Yes.