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Basketball Players Are Getting the Heck Out of Iowa

Geoff Wood

I don't know what's going on but the University of Iowa has had three Men's basketball players announce transfers in the past few weeks.

Not to be outdone by UIowa in anything, the Iowa State Cyclones have had two players announce transfers just this week (with one or two more rumored to be considering transferring, too).

What the heck is going on?

As a Cyclone fan, I suppose the optimistic view is that the Hawkeye players appear to be bigger losses to their team than the seldom used freshman leaving Ames. The former-Hawkeyes also appear to be leaving due to unease and discontent (aside from Jake Kelly's understandable homesickness) whereas the Cyclone players have all stated their leaving to find squads where they can get more playing time.

Either teams woes would be cured with a solid winning season and a nice berth in 2010 Tourney.