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Tweeting from the Indiana Univ Annual Business Conference

Geoff Wood

For the second time, I was able to attend the Indiana University Annual Business Conference (presented for the 63rd year in a row) put on by the Kelley School of Business. For the first time, I attempted to keep a running account of the event by tweeting statements from the speakers and personal observations of the event. I’ve seen lots of tweeps (a crazy word for people using Twitter) do this from big technology events like MacWorld and SXSW and wanted to try it myself.

I chose to use a “hashtag” of #kelleyconf. Hashtags serve to categorize posts within Twitter and allow others to search on a consistent term.

I was quickly able to find that one of my Twitter friends @lura_forcum was also at the event and tweeting her thoughts as well. She quickly adopted the #kelleyconf hashtag for her posts. One of her friends saw her using the hashtag and picked it up himself.

The end result is twofold, through the use of the hashtag, the three of us could pool our thoughts on the event and more importantly, other people not at the event that were interested in the content had the ability to quickly and easily find the information.

Click here to see for yourself: (1)
As aside, @lura_forcum invited me to her table for an impromptu “tweetup” or spontaneous gathering of Twitterers (again, the colloquial term is “tweeps”, which makes me shudder a bit every time I type it) that resulted in a great conversation on the use of social media both in promoting an institution of higher education with folks from the Kelley School of Business in Bloomington and from the IUPUI staff as well as in marketing a business (Walker Information). 

(1)Since I don’t know how long Twitter stores tweets, I decided to archive the entire conversation here so that I can grab it in the future.

Photo Credit: Zach Hetrick