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Which Social Media Companies Do You Admire?

Geoff Wood

Over the past several weeks I’ve been conducting some personal research into the Web 2.0-o-sphere. I’ve had coffee and shared meals with several people in person and asked (what I consider to be pertinent) questions to many more online.

One research area that I’m curious about is companies and their use of social media tools. To find out more I asked a simple question in several different mediums:

Which social media companies/consultants do you admire and what have they done to earn your admiration?

I asked the question in a few slight derivations first in Twitter – where I directed it specifically at people in “Iowa” and in “Indy” (my Twitter followers varies but isn’t large – only 173 as of now). I then asked in the forums of a local popular Ning network in Indiana called (4,806 members). Finally, I asked it in three different groups with decent size that I belong to on Phi Delta Theta Alumni (1,312 members), Iowa State University Network (3,592 members) and Kelley School of Business Alumni (2,237 members). It’s likely that very few members of any one medium are also members of another (unless they are, of course, me). In total, the question was posed to 12,120 folks (more or less), not counting one retweet in Twitter.

Here are the comprehensive results: 

Twitter, which had the smallest population of any the groups and actually received the question twice (localized), offered up two companies: MediaSauce (Indianapolis) and Lava Row (Des Moines).

Smaller Indiana, the group with the largest population, resulted in several companies and individuals (all in Indiana):
Individual People:
  • Erik Deckers (Professional Blog Service, blogging)
  • Renee Englehart (blog coach)
  • Tom Deeter (Social Media Campaign Management )
  • Paul Lorinczi (Metrics)
  • Kyle Lacy & Colin (Branding)
  • Lorainne Ball (RoundPeg, small biz)
  • Pat Coyle (Branded Social Networks)
  • Raquel Richardson, Angela, and Clay   (Silver Square)
  • Brian Gray (MediaSauce)
  • Greg Cross (Cross Creative)

The Linked In groups haven’t had long to respond but so far they appear to have each interpreted the question a little differently:

Phi Delta Theta Alumni – interpreted more along the lines of resources:
Kelley School of Business Alumni – interpreted more along the lines of platforms
  • LinkedIn and Twitter
Iowa State University Network – no response as of yet.

Now, I pose the question to you, readers of the ol’blog - “Which social media companies/consultants do you admire and what have they done to earn your admiration?”

Leave a comment below (and let me if you found the question through one of the resources above).