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Why you should set a google alert for your own name

Geoff Wood

photo by Eric Rowley for Juice

Several years ago, I saw Sarah Robbins give a presentation about social media and, as an aside, she mentioned that everyone should setup a Google Alert of their own name so that they could see what others are saying about them on the internet. 

It was good advice and I followed it that very day but this is one of the first times that it paid off. Usually, Google is very good at notifying me about things like the activities of British soccer players, Canadian pathobiologists and, lately, the stories I produce for Silicon Prairie News

However today, the following popped up - Get to know: Geoff Wood, 31

It's just a quick profile piece for the "Juice" the Des Moines Register's weekly magazine targeted at folks in Central Iowa around my age. It's neat to be included and, narcissism aside, whenever an opportunity like this pops up I always feel honored that I was asked to participate.

Anyway, I obviously answered the questions and was there (covering up my face with a business card) for the photo so the feature itself wasn't a surprise; more so I was surprised by the timing (I was thinking it was supposed to run two weeks from now). However, thanks to that tip from Intellagirl, I'm right on top of it and I don't have to pretend to know what people are talking about the inevitable "hey, saw your photo in Juice" comments crop up later this week.