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My favo(u)rite Irish blogger: Niall Harbison

Geoff Wood

Lauren and Niall (right) of SimplyZesty

Several months ago (through the @ScottyHendo Experiment) I discovered Niall Harbison a chef, entrepreneur and marketer based in Dublin, Ireland.

At the time, Niall was video blogging at with short videos on topics ranging from food to social media as well as contributing vignettes and tutorial cooking videos to Look and Taste. Since then, Niall has partnered with Lauren Fisher to create the company SimplyZesty, a social media marketing and branding agency.

I subscribe to the SimplyZesty blog in Google Reader and I wanted to highlight Niall and his company here for the good things that I’ve observed in their blogging practice:

  1. He posts daily. It’s important as a blogger to have a volume of good, themed content and Niall and Lauren are no slouches. They post daily, sometime several times a day. They’re also much better than me at keeping their posts brief and therefore readable.
  2. He utilizes video. Until a few months ago, I had never done anything with video blogging or knew anything about it. However, when I hooked up with the Silicon Prairie News folks and saw the wonders of the Flip Mino, I realized how important the video blogging experience can be in expressing yourself on a blog. It brings an multi-sensory experience which I appreciate (moreso now that I’m not in a corporate environment where my internet usage is monitored).
  3. Posts are poignant and interesting. Niall stays on topic to his business(es) and he provides compelling and dynamic content.
  4. He lets his personality come through. Much like listening to your favorite radio (or for me, podcast) host or finding characters you like on television, Niall let’s his personality come through in his posts. It helps you draw a connection to him personally and makes you want to read his next installment. And, he swears.(2)

Find out more about Niall at:

(1)The URL now just forwards to (2)In that Irish way that is neither offensive nor brash, but actually can be endearing. It doesn't come off the same way when I do it - especially (according to my wife) during football games.