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Des Moines, Iowa


The SPN Crew visits Des Moines

Geoff Wood

A couple weeks ago I had the extreme pleasure of hosting Danny, Dusty, and Jeff (otherwise known as the Omaha contingent) from Silicon Prairie News for a day in Des Moines.

The day consisted of lots of strategizing on the role of SPN in Des Moines as well as meeting with some of the favorites of the local creative class like John Pemble, John Myers, Nathan T. Wright and Hillary Brown from Lava Row, Leann Jacobson and Jennifer from the Technology Association of Iowa.

Other than meetings, I was able to showcase a few local culture destinations to the Omaha folks, like Mars Cafe, the Grand Piano Bistro, Village Bean and (thanks to John) the downtown Skywalk system.

Other than Jeff getting a parking ticket, it was a great day and I certainly look forward to the next one.

When we stopped by the Lava Row offices, I wound up in front of two flip cameras(1) and those videos have now made their way to the internet:

From the Lava Row blog:

From Silicon Prairie News:

(1)I'm usually behind the camera