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Des Moines, Iowa


Des Moines reaches #2 in the SPN taglist

Geoff Wood

I joined Silicon Prairie to cover the Des Moines region in September 2009 and ever since I've been paying attention to the taglist shown on the right side of the website. I'm happy to announce that as of posting of my Mike Draper interview about the SMASH name change on 11/25, the Des Moines tag is now the second most utilized on the platform.

Now, I haven't done all the Des Moines posts(1) and my goal for Des Moines coverage is obviously quality first, but, this milestone is a still important because it shows Silicon Prairie News' commitment to the region (not just Omaha) and Des Moines' place as a key player in the region's "creative class". Many of us who call Des Moines home already know the latter, but as Midwesterners we sometimes have trouble proclaiming it. Proclaiming these great stories is at the heart of SPN's mission and I'm glad to see it all coming together.

(1)A few were posts were done by Jeff & Dusty prior to me joining the team and Danny has had a few here and there since.