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Al Gore on SNL: I'm out to "out crazy the crazy"

Geoff Wood

Other than that ridiculous Sarah Palin rap(1) during last year's election season, former Vice President Al Gore provides the best sketches of any politician I've ever seen on Saturday Night Live. He had some good ones during his presidential campaign and actually hosted back in 2002 but last night's was the best, yet.

Now that he's left elected office in order to lobby for the environment, he was brought in by the SNL staff to fulfill their "Green Week" network requirements. He joined Seth Meyers at the Weekend Update desk to discuss his plans to "out crazy the crazy" in order to get more traction for his cause. The entire sketch is good but my favorite part is the beginning dialog where Gore and Meyers discuss President Obama:

Al Gore: “…[Obama] was elected with an overwhelming mandate. I mean, he won the popular vote, Seth, and we all know that’s the one that counts.”

Seth Meyers: “He won the other vote, too”

Al Gore; “If you say so, I don’t really pay attention to that. I’m a popular vote guy.”

Good stuff.

(1)If the decision to participate in this is discussed in Palin's new book, it may actually be worth reading.