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How did Grandma get inside the computer?

Geoff Wood

Well, after installing Skype six or more months ago when I bought the new netbook with the built in webcam, I finally got around to trying it out, yesterday.

My Mom stayed with us last week to spend some quality Grammy-time with the baby and allow us a little more room to get further down the line in our quest of getting "settled" into Des Moines.

She brought her laptop and my brother installed Skype for her thinking that we could use it for Graham to video-chat with Grammy after she goes home. Mom left on Tuesday morning and made it all the way until Thursday afternoon before she called and wanted to try it.

I'm happy to say that not only was it a success, it was pretty darn easy to configure and launch. I'm not sure why I waited so long to get going with it but now that I did I'm sure we'll use it quite a bit. The only trick is to cover the keyboard with a rag or toy so that he doesn't drool on it(1)

I do feel a bit sorry for the kid, though. Since he doesn't talk yet I often imagine what he's thinking in certain situations and I'm sure at this moment he had to be wondering how exactly Grandma got inside the computer.

1. His drool and how to accommodate it is a popular topic in the Wood household these days.