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Postgame Video

Geoff Wood

Here's a quick post with a couple videos of the team celebrating the streak-breaking win yesterday in Lincoln. While I'm sure that Husker fans are not the least bit happy, hopefully, they look at the Cyclones behavior in Memorial Stadium as respectful.

The team celebrated briefly on the field, then sand the fight song to the visitor (Iowa State) section, then moved into the locker room.

The next video was taken by a fan at the impromptu rally that took place in Ames when the team arrived back home. You see Coach Rhoads and two players who are standing in a pickup truck inside the Bergstrom ITF (football training facility). After the behavior by Gene Chizik just about a year ago in disrespect of this program, it's players, and the fans that bought into him, it's great to see a Coach that so visibly wants to be a part of it.