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Right this way, Mr. Pappagiorgio

Geoff Wood

Declan GiggsI was watching the second season of Showtime's drama "Brotherhood" recently on Netflix and realized the actor Ethan Embry doesn't get enough credit.

He's a cast member in a surprising number of movies in our DVD collection such as "Can't Hardly Wait"(1), "Sweet Home Alabama", and "That Thing You Do!"(2). He's in several movies that should be in my DVD collection but for whatever reason I have never purchased, like "Empire Records" and "National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation".(3)

He's in several others that I loved when I was young, like "Dutch" and "All I Want for Christmas". 

He typically plays the cute kid, or the lovable but slightly flawed outsider, or similar role. However, his role in Brotherhood is certainly not typical. This character, Declan Giggs, is a tattooed, coke-snorting, state police detective that has a hard time sorting out which side of the law he should be on. He's good as "Deco" but it's hard to think that this is the same guy who played the kid in Dutch. My wife, who thinks Ethan Embry is adorable as an actor, walked in the room the other day when an unpleasant scene was playing where Deco was being lectured by a prostitute about the adverse affects of certain street drugs on one's digestive system. She gave me one of those "what are you watching?" looks and was thrown for a loop when I told her the man in the compromising position was her very own Mr. Embry.

I know it's a testimate to an actor's ability to be able to pull off different characters (as opposed to playing the same one or two in every movie, like Ben Stiller) so I'm sure the Deco role is a great one for the actor, however, in scenes like the one above, it's hard to reconcile internally that this was also the last guy to play Rusty Griswold.

 The Griswold Family, surprisinglly, on vacation.

(1) A movie that features a slew of actors who went on to have at the very least a modicum of success in some other film or TV series. (2) An all-time classic, one of my favorites (3) "Right this way, Mr. Pappagiorgio" is one of my favorite, most random movie lines to threw out in conversation. Other contenders are "I'm right on top of that, Rose", and "What do you mean, 'Too High'?"