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Recent Silicon Prairie News Interviews

Geoff Wood

Two of my recent SiliconPrairieNews interviews have led me to the East Village in Downtown Des Moines.

They both rank up there with my favorite interviews thus far and are certainly opinionated and passionate innovators in the Des Moines Entrepreneurial Community.

The first is Mike Draper, founder of SMASH. I first came across SMASH way back in February of this year when I first saw the famed, "Des Moines: Hell Yes" t-shirt online. We had since bought a few SMASH shirts (the aforementioned one, a take-off on it for my buddy's fundraiser that said "Ben Washburn: Hell Yes" and one that I gifted to Hope for out anniversary/Saint Patrick's Day that reads "Kiss Me I'm Iowish") but I had never been to the store until the interview Mike. 

Mike has some interesting thoughts on Des Moines as a business locale and what one can learn and give back to the community after spending a few years elsewhere.

Mike's full interview is here:

The full SPN post is here: SPN interviews Mike Draper.

The second is Scott Kubie, founder of Market Street Media Foundry. Scott has some great thoughts about the "bar for success" in Des Moines and what our community needs to move forward.

Check out the full video of my interview with Scott here:

Check out the post here: SPN interviews Scott Kubie