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One of the Best Parts of Going Back to School is Winter Break

Geoff Wood

I’m writing this post a few days before classes start as I thoroughly enjoy my nearly one-month long break from having a 3 hour commitment in Downtown Indianapolis a couple of nights a week. I’m writing it now so that I can remember the wonders of free time while I still have it. I’ll read it (and so will you, apparently) next week when classes are in full swing and the following activities are nowhere on my radar. 

Here’s a somewhat comprehensive list of things that I’ve been able to do this month:
I borrowed and watched season one of “West Wing”, along with season six of “24” and three of four movies via Netflix. I took in “Marley & Me”, “Seven Pounds”, and “Yes Man” at the theater. I read two novels, one a fictitious account of Ireland’s history and another by Jimmy Buffett, along with most of a book on personal branding. I played enough Wii Tennis to be ranked as a “Pro” (I’m sure my high school coaches feel the value in their instruction) and then enough additional Wii tennis to lose that ranking. This was followed by more Wii tennis and a return to my ranking! I was able to update this blog several times. Participated in a few holiday parties, took an icy road trip home to Iowa for nearly a week over the holidays to see my family and my-inlaws and ate way too much food.

Unfortunately, most of those things are behind me and we’re on to another semester of learning.