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Actual Famous Twitter Folk

Geoff Wood

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, here are the famous people I’m following on Twitter (in approximate order of fame) and some thoughts on their use of the technology:

Very active during the campaign posting notices of speeches and other events. No posts since this one on Nov. 5 “We just made history. All of this happened because you gave your time, talent and passion. All of this happened because of you. Thanks” I’m a little disappointed in the President-elect for not ensuring that whatever staffer updated his account isn’t still on the job. Obviously, putting together a bailout package and picking the new family dog keep a President-to-be pretty busy but I’ll be disappointed if he abandons the social media techniques that spread his message so well on the campaign trail when he’s in office.

Lance is an active Twitter poster, tweeting off-and-on all day about the activities of his family, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, his training and all things Texas.

Dave posts every day or so that are either 140 character poetry or the epitome of incoherence. I like the man’s music but I don’t understand his tweets.

A tweet every week or two that are pretty good. I enjoyed Tina Fey’s writing on SNL and, like the rest of the country, her recent impersonations of Sarah Palin. I’d like to see her tweet more often. I’ve only watched one episode of “30 Rock” and it was a rerun over the holidays, I should probably get on that.

Suprising that it’s “MC Hammer” and not “Hammer”, I still remember when he dropped the “MC” to be more real to his true fans. Regardless, I choose to follow MC Hammer on Twitter only because I grew up in the `90s. However, the man (who was great in the Nationwide commercial a few years back) is avid tweeter who likes to “retweet” or forward other tweets from folks he sees on to his own network. Perhaps he retweets so much because he’s 2 Legit 2 Tweet? Okay, that was terrible – I have no idea why I just typed that.

The former Mr. Barr is new to Twitter and so far has tweeted almost exclusively about the Iowa Hawkeyes. I’m following him for now because he’s also an Iowa native and I tend to want our folk to do well. However, the Hawk-talk crap gets old quick so he may be off the list soon.

I recently started to follow Wesley Crusher’s adventures on Twitter. He tweets a lot about his activities, his blog, the books he’s published, and the Conventions where he appears.

Twitter users - who are the famous folks that you're following?