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Analyzing My Twitter Network

Geoff Wood

My social medium of choice these days is Twitter; as I described in an earlier post. I use Twitter to “find interesting people that I’d like to know and learn from others that I’ll likely never meet”.

I’ve read a few blog posts in the past week or so from social media folks that I respect on the value (or lack thereof) of Twitter as a social utility.

One of those posts prompted me to look a little more in depth at the “network” that I’ve developed through Twitter and as such I’ve tabulated the statistics below.

My Twitter network ( breaks down into the following categories:

  • People I don’t know, are not “famous” but I find interesting: 35
  • Brands/Representatives of Brands: 33
  • The Scotty Hendo (@scottyhendo)(1) Experiment: 12
  • People that I know in person or have seen present/perform: 12
  • News: 11
  • Famous people (that I believe are the actual people): 6
  • Famous people (that are undeniably not the people they claim to be: 3
  • Hot Amish Chicks(2): 1
For those who are more visual, I present the same analysis as a pie chart:

(1)More on this later (2)For some reason there is an account “Hot Amish Chick” which is likely not a real person (since it’s doubtful an Amish person, chick or not) but is quite hilarious showcasing irreverent wit about modern society and Biblical history, such as this recent tweet: “A golden calf? The Hebrews worshiped a golden calf? PLEASE tell me they're still a little embarrassed by this. I mean, COME ON.”