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Code of the Wood: New Year’s Resolutions and Independence Day

Geoff Wood

A couple of years ago I thought I would use this blog to document some of the trivial beliefs and things I do somewhat routinely in my life and tag each one as the “Code of the Wood”. However, I never got past Item One.

A couple of things have come up in the office recently that I thought qualify for "the Code" and, as such, I’ll document them here:

2. New Year’s Resolutions are those goals that people resolve as they look forward to the start of a new year. They do not, however, have to be a goal for the entire year or for the rest of your life. For instance, one of my resolutions for New Year 2009 is to not drink soda for the month of January. I caught some grief at the office this week for stating that I’m going to have a Coke Zero tomorrow (February 1) but I will and that will be a resolution that I’ll consider successfully met.

3. This one is less seasonal but came up in the same conversation highlighted above: Independence Day is the name of the holiday that commemorates the act of declaring our independence from Great Britain. The date that said declaration was made was July 4th. It seems that almost every reference in modern society is to the holiday July 4th. July 4th is merely the date, not the name of the holiday. I can’t think of another holiday that suffers the same misnamed fate. Is it because it’s a fixed date rather than a day that floats? Perhaps, but Christmas is a fixed date and does not endure such affliction. Perhaps it’s merely holiday hangover from Cinco de Mayo (which, of course, is not Mexican Independence Day).