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Random Internet Thoughts

Geoff Wood

A couple random Internet thoughts I wanted to document here:

I spent this past weekend in Ames with several friends celebrating my buddy Austin's 30th Birthday. Along the way I published a status update in Facebook to that effect. One of the folks who responded was Mike Himebaugh, the lead singer of Hello Dave (one of my favorite bands from back in the day when I went to bars to, um, listen to bands). Mike wrote a "Ames" about a real life experience he had and that starts with the line "I got arrested up in Ames". Therefore his comment made me chuckle:

Don't worry, Mike. We're good.

Second, tonight I was checking out the Google Analytics for this blog and happened to check the search terms that people have, well, "googled" and somehow found this blog. 

The best was this:
I assume that my blog showed up in the Google results because I had mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that one of the people I follow on Twitter is a person calling themselves "Hot Amish Chick" who is certainly fake but quite amusing in their irreverant posts about being Amish and using the Internet. However, the fact they found my post by searchin about the Hot Amish Chick on Twitter isn't noteworthy. What's noteworthy is the words they actually searched upon "twitter hot amish chick real or fake".  I wonder if they got their answer? That Google is good.