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Iowa State v. K-State at Arrowhead? Sign me up.

Geoff Wood

Several rumors circled the interwebs today about a two year deal for Iowa State to take on K-State in Arrowhead starting in 2009.

I love the idea. Even though it was a loss(1) the Iowa State v. Florida State game five or six years ago was a great time. This one will be a lot colder since I imagine it'll be later in the year but we'll get by.

I love the exposure to Kansas City, which I firmly believe needs to be the home of the Big 12 and should remain an Iowa State oasis, and hopefully to a national TV audience.

In other sports thoughts, congratulations to Shawn Johnson on her gold and too bad for Lolo. Even though I don't know anyone personally in these Olympics, I've felt more connected and interested than any I can remember.

(1) Officially a loss, though many believe Seneca Wallace scored at the goal line